Preparatory course for the Studienkolleg

To prepare for the entrance examination to the Studienkolleg (studies’ preparatory college) at German universities, the “Studientest deutsch”, we offer several times a year our Studienkolleg preparation course with 20 lessons per week. With the attendance of this preparatory course a visa for language students can be applied for.

The preparatory course usually lasts 8 weeks. During this time, we prepare students intensively and specifically for the German study test; the curriculum covers the subject matter of all examination contents, combined vocabulary and grammar topics, writing training and model tests.

Studienkolleg – Preparatory course  |  Levels: B1 – B2  
Lessons: 20 per week  
Teaching days: Monday – Thursday  
Starting dates: regularly – please specify a desired date when registering  
Prices: xxx € – 6 weeks | xxx € – 8 weeks Registration

Officially, B2 level language skills are sufficient to pass the entrance examination; in practice, they are often not sufficient due to the high demand and competition among prospective students* in the German higher education system. Therefore we try to accompany our students*inside if possible on the higher C1 level.

Prerequisite for participation in the preparatory course for the Studienkolleg is a successfully passed final examination of B1 level. You can of course acquire the corresponding knowledge of German from us.

FONS Academy is a project of the FONS Consulting GmbH. Education, qualification and consulting shape our company’s main goals.

We are an international team of consulting experts, coaches and experienced language teachers.

The FONS Academy is a modern language school in the heart of Berlin. We develop cooperations with European universities and maintain our international network in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Since 2016, we have also been an accredited integration course provider. In this way we contribute to the inclusion of refugees from crisis and war zones.

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