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Language courses in German as a foreign language

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The FONS Academy specializes in language courses in German as a foreign language. Located in the heart of Berlin and close to Berlin’s universities, you will find our wide range of language & special courses – flexible in terms of time, quality and tailored to your individual needs.

Experience a new quality of learning at FONS Academy that is characterized by motivation, enjoyment and fun. With our methods you will very soon have your first sense of achievement and will be able to apply your knowledge in everyday life, studies and work with ease.

Our course offer

Integration courses

In our integration courses, qualified instructors teach you all important language skills with vocabulary on practical and country-specific topics.

German for work

In our vocational preparation German courses we offer you either individually or in small groups subject-specific language skills and knowledge for different industries and professions.

Study preparation

If you want to be well prepared for the DSH, TestDaF or telc C1 language examinations, which open up access to German universities, you can choose one of our intensive preparation courses.

Language courses

We offer all language courses according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – from Elementary (A1/A2) to Intermediate (B1/B2) to TestDaF (C1).

Our philosophy

Everyday life, experience, interests

The language skills of our learners are taught, practiced and applied in practice in everyday, experiential, academic and professional contexts. Of course, we take the needs, knowledge and interests of the learners into account. With us all have their say. Our school stands for a communicative, interactive and lively teaching design as a basis for active and action-oriented language acquisition. This also includes excursions in Berlin and excursions to the surrounding area, where learners have many opportunities to get to know the culture and history of the region and to improve the language in a variety of playful ways.

Natural language acquisition

The development of communicative skills is closely linked to the acquisition of basic language and speaking skills using elementary vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and intonation. When teaching basic language skills, we attach great importance to our students acquiring their skills progressively in the order of their natural language acquisition, i.e. 1st listening comprehension, 2nd speaking, 3rd reading comprehension and 4th writing. In the basic level (A1/A2) the focus is initially on the ability to act in foreign languages, while in the intermediate level (B1/B2) the focus is being extended to reading and writing.

Discovering learning

We teach vocabulary in spiral progression, so that the already known vocabulary is used and consolidated as a basis for new terms and forms in every vocabulary expansion. In this way, semantic and grammatical structures can also be inductively made accessible or “discovered” (discovering learning), instead of just being communicated deductively in the form of rules and laws. We give great importance to the promotion of strategies for differentiation of meaning and development from the intermediate level (B1/B2) at the latest. We encourage a playful, discovering and creative use of language.

Application to language courses

Application for language courses

Application for study preparation

Application for German for the job

Application for integration courses

What our clients say

I like the school, my teacher and the class very much! I have been learning at the FONS Academy from the very beginning and, like my classmates, I am making good progress. Thank you!


A1 course

The teachers of the FONS Academy are awesome! We have a great atmosphere in the course and learn a lot. I’m very happy that I found the school.


Literacy course

I really like our integration course. The teacher explains very well so that we understand everything. We read stories, write dictations, watch films and speak a lot.


B1 course

I had a great time with 2 teachers and will never forget my group. The teachers have done everything to ensure that we learn the language quickly.


B2 level

FONS Academy is a project of the FONS Consulting GmbH. Education, qualification and consulting shape our company’s main goals.

We are an international team of consulting experts, coaches and experienced language teachers.

The FONS Academy is a modern language school in the heart of Berlin. We develop cooperations with European universities and maintain our international network in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Since 2016, we have also been an accredited integration course provider. In this way we contribute to the inclusion of refugees from crisis and war zones.

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