Integration courses for parents

The integration course for parents

The parental integration course is aimed at mothers and fathers who, for family, cultural or biographical reasons, cannot or do not want to participate in the general integration course and have children under the age of 18.

In addition to general language lessons, you will get to know the German education and school system in the parent-integration course. Here, there are also speech aids for communication with kindergarden, school, aids to education and information on children’s leisure activities on the program.

Like the general integration courses, the integration course for parents consists of a total of 7 modules. At the end of the 7th module, the language level B1.2 is to be achieved, which the learners prove with the final test German Test for Immigrants (DTZ). The last module is the orientation course, which concludes the integration course with the examination Leben in Deutschland (LiD) .

As many school achievement studies show, parents play an important role in their children’s academic and professional success. In order for them to fulfil their pedagogical-didactic role and give their children a good start in life in Germany, it is essential that they learn the German language at a good level.

FONS Academy is a project of the FONS Consulting GmbH. Education, qualification and consulting shape our company’s main goals.

We are an international team of consulting experts, coaches and experienced language teachers.

The FONS Academy is a modern language school in the heart of Berlin. We develop cooperations with European universities and maintain our international network in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Since 2016, we have also been an accredited integration course provider. In this way we contribute to the inclusion of refugees from crisis and war zones.

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