Excursion to the German Parliament

Excursion to the German Parliament Now it was finally time: My orientation course, comprehensively informed about the German system of government, our legal system, our values and norms, feverishly awaited the visit of our national parliament. My course participants were visibly impressed above all by the fact that the German Bundestag is indeed a house of the people and that they are allowed to “look at the fingers” of the parliamentarians in the plenum. As a lecturer, I also came…

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Excursion to the Berlin Wall Memorial

Excursion to Berlin Wall Memorial We had a very warm summer, and the first weeks of autumn promise us a really summery weather – a perfect opportunity for an open-air excursion to the Berlin Wall Memorial. The date is fixed, and the course together with me is looking forward to the excursion. On day X I open the weather app. And what do I see there? – Rain, as it belongs to all open-air plans. A short message to the…

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FONS Academy is a project of the FONS Consulting GmbH. Education, qualification and consulting shape our company’s main goals.

We are an international team of consulting experts, coaches and experienced language teachers.

The FONS Academy is a modern language school in the heart of Berlin. We develop cooperations with European universities and maintain our international network in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Since 2016, we have also been an accredited integration course provider. In this way we contribute to the inclusion of refugees from crisis and war zones.

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  • Anmeldung 3 Etage
  • Ansbacher Straße 5
  • Zentrale FONS          030 83 203 490
  • IK-Bereich                  030 83 203 344
  • BSK-Bereich              030 83 203 227
  • Schulleitung              030 86 305 399
  • Bayreuther Straße 3-4
  • Coaching-Büro           030 86 305 405