Excursion to the German Parliament

Now it was finally time: My orientation course, comprehensively informed about the German system of government, our legal system, our values and norms, feverishly awaited the visit of our national parliament. My course participants were visibly impressed above all by the fact that the German Bundestag is indeed a house of the people and that they are allowed to “look at the fingers” of the parliamentarians in the plenum.

As a lecturer, I also came up with something special: Instead of just visiting the dome, we steered our steps towards the grandstand of the plenary hall after successfully completing the safety procedures and a quite spectacular ride with the panorama elevator. There we listened for a good half an hour to the lively discussions of passionately arguing MPs. What an experience – even though my participants were confronted with an upscale and fancy parliamentary German that they had never heard of before during their German lessons.

In their home countries a visit to parliament as a citizen would not even be possible, I was told again and again.

Afterwards the tour of the dome was waiting for me and my group was amazed again. The view was great, the weather was good and there was great interest in the history of the house. So I explained to my excited audience the most important facts about the history of this house, whose architecture reflects all important epochs of the German history of the 20th century, also its “wounds” caused by the 2nd World War not hidden and therefore one found many starting points for discussions about the current war and conflict events in the Middle East. All in all a successful and valuable day full of impressions, perspectives and good conversations.