DSH preparation course

The Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber*innen (DSH) is the traditional language examination of German universities and universities of applied sciences, which many of them offer at regular intervals. It is recognised as a language entrance examination by all German universities and colleges.

In the DSH preparation courses, which are based on the advanced levels B2 or C1, the FONS Academy offers intensive and systematic preparation for the DSH exam. The DSH preparation course is designed as a continuation course of the B2 intensive courses, so that after successful participation in the latter you can take it in a fluent transition. In order to give all other learners the best possible conditions for passing the DSH exam, we test their language skills in an individual placement test before the course starts.

DSH preparation course  |  Levels: from B2  
Lessons: 20-25 per week  
Teaching days: Monday – Friday  
Starting dates: regularly 2-3 times a year – please specify a desired date when registering  
Prices: xxx € (6 weeks) | xxx € (8 weeks) Registration

The curriculum of our DSH preparation course is closely oriented to the requirements of the DSH examination. In terms of content, we focus not only on grammar topics relevant to studies and scientific working techniques, but also on academic language skills such as text reception and production, analysis and interpretation skills, argumentation and evaluation techniques, and rhetoric, and above all develop vocabulary related to the subject matter, study or subject.

An integral part of the preparation course is the regular simulation of examination parts or complete DSH examinations, which we let our course participants complete and evaluate on the basis of original examinations and model sets. In order to achieve high success rates, we deal with individual problems or weaknesses after the evaluation and support the learners personally even after the end of the course in the immediate run-up to the examination.

The DSH examination can be taken directly by prospective students at the university or university of applied sciences at which they intend to study. The DSH examination is usually offered before the beginning of the semester. But not all universities offer the exam. The following list lists the universities and examination dates on which prospective students can take the DSH examination with and without an application (external): www.dsh.de. Further information on the preparation course and the DSH examination is available on request from our secretariat.

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